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Selkkie Designs

Hello! My name is Oana Alexandra, but most people call me Lexie or Lex.
I am a freelance self-thought digital artist. My expertise includes digital and traditional-publishing book cover arts as well as creative dark themed photomanipulations. I am also enjoying making maps, illustrations and social media promotional content.


I love working with fantasy, sci-fi and thriller genres, but I can quickly adapt to lighter concepts, like romance,
drama or historic.


Selkkie Designs is an identy I created for myself a few years back when I started working as a freelance digital artist. Now I collaborate with several Romanian publishing houses as well as various experienced or debutant indie authors.



Art Community

I have been a deviantart user for years now and to have some of my works hand picked and awarded one of the most important digital badges for artists is and amazing experience. This shows that with passion and great devotion your work can be awarded and recognized by hundreds of people.

Besides being awarded daily deviation awards, I took part in various community contests, most of then which I won. Also, most of my photomanipulation works have been featured in community galleries and journals.

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