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What My Clients Say About Me

You're not convinced Selkkie Designs is the right choice for you?
Check out what other clients say about my services and our work process together.



Ultimul Apus de Soare & Pe Partea Intunecata A Lunii

Working with Lex was always a pleasure. It is amazing how, after just a few hints, she knows exactly how to depict the image that I had in mind. Recently, she designed the cover of my debut novel and the feedback of the readers was overwhelming.

She pays attention to details in a way that never cease to amaze me and I always know that the result of her work will be stunning, thus I’m never stressed when it comes to graphics and I can focus on my writing. "



Between Shadows and Stars

" As a debut indie author, there is a stress about finding the perfect match for the cover of your dream. And here is where I got mine. Working with Selkkie Designs was smooth sailing and welcoming. Throughout the process, I was guided and helped, encouraged and reassured about my experience and the product.


Everything was delivered and adapted to perfection. Selkkie listened to my wants and my needs and delivered everything with professionalism and warmth. I would recommend Selkkie Designs for anyone looking for book covers and other graphics. It was a pleasure working with her. "

paperback jpeg_edited.jpg


The Forgotten Prince &
Bound by Duty

" As a first-time author, I knew I wanted someone experienced to help with my book cover design. I was lucky to find Selkkie Designs. Lexie’s intricate designs and the fantastical nature of her art was exactly what I was looking for.

Working with Lexie was a very rewarding and fulfilling experience. She was prompt in her replies and allowed me creative control all the while providing brilliant suggestions/modifications based on her experience. Her designs for my book covers have exceeded my expectations at every turn. I would definitely recommend her! "
ebook (2)_edited.jpg


Harul & Striga

"I had the pleasure of collaborating with Selkkie Designs for the cover of my latest book, and it was an absolutely wonderful experience. ​


I was particularly impressed by the stunning purple book cover that she created for me. It perfectly captured the essence of my story and conveyed its message in a powerful and visually striking way. The attention to detail and the quality of the design were simply outstanding, and I couldn't have been happier with the result.


Throughout the collaboration, Lexie was a true partner, always willing to listen to my feedback and make any necessary adjustments to ensure that the final product was exactly what I wanted. I also appreciated her timely communication and ability to meet deadlines. I look forward to collaborating again in the future.  "



The Crimson War Saga & multiple premade covers

Selkkie Designs does incredible work. Her designs are thoughtfully composed and delightfully imaginative. She hit the brief and the market every time without compromising on artistic flair.

I couldn't be happier with my covers and would recommend their work to anyone looking to purchase a standout cover at a competitive price. "



Enslaved - The Witch Wolf Saga

Working with Lex was fantastic. It was my first time, but it won't be the last.  I fell in love with a premade cover she made and commissioned the rest of the series before I'd even written the books because I loved her work so much.

Her suggestions were thoughtful and not only took on board what I wanted, but made my vision so much better than anything I could have envisioned myself. She's an amazing designer and super easy to communicate with. I would recommend her one hundred percent! "



Palatul De Marmura

" Every time I worked with Selkkie I was more than pleased by the results. An excellent designer with extraordinary skills, fast and one of the few people I know that truly loves what they do.

In the process of working on Palatul de Marmura, Selkkie was the most humble person, trying to make everything she could to help me, listening to me and helping me contouring my thoughts about what I really wanted. The communication is amazing with this girl! 

front cover.jpg


La Legende Des Sylandor

" Working with Lexie has been a real pleasure. I stumbled upon her by pure chance and when I saw the work she is doing, I absolutely wanted to hire her.


When I saw the result of my cover I was the happiest. She gives very good advice, responds immediately to messages, is kind and attentive to every need or change.

If you want to have an amazing cover, I definitely recommend her! Plus, the price is affordable, especially for what she does. Her work is incredible and worth so much more!  "



Daughter of Shattered Skies

After learning that I would no longer be able to contract my original cover artist for the remaining books in my fantasy series, I began a lengthy hunt for a new cover designer. Lexie’s designs consistently caught my attention and after the third or fourth design I clicked that led back to her portfolio, I knew I had found the artist I wished to work with. 

Lexie was quick to create the cover that I had envisioned, and ensured me that she would be on for the long-haul, which was imperative to me when choosing a new artist for my series. She was incredibly receptive to revisions and feedback. She took my ideas and presented me with a few options as well as her opinions on the designs, and we were able to create something that not only captivated my attention, but drew in my desired audience as well. Her enthusiasm for the project was palatable, and matched my own energy and excitement.

I can wholeheartedly say that Lexie rebooted my writing career with the stunning cover she created for Daughter of Shattered Skies, and I am eagerly anticipating what she creates for the remaining books in the series!

face cover (no bleeds).png


Luna Arisen

"If you’re looking for someone who is fully capable of working around your schedule, communicating with you throughout the entire process of your commission, and has no problem adjusting things to your liking until you’ve gotten exactly what you wanted, then SelkkieDesigns is the one for you.

Not only are her designing skills extremely impressive and remarkable, but her work truly speaks for itself in the end. Reasonable prices, reliability, and flexibility is more than I could have ever asked for from her. "



Trandafirul Stacojiu

" The experience of working with Lex was simply delightful. She designed the cover for my first published novel, and I am already eager to work with her again in the future.

Involved and patient, she is always interested in hearing the author's ideas, so she can improve them and create the absolute best for them. I found her talent and her passion for her work truly praiseworthy. I wholeheartedly recommend to anyone that seeks an impressive work. "

ebook jpeg.jpg


Death and Magick - All Things Dark And Deadly Saga

" Working with Selkkie Designs has been a breath of fresh air! 


It was the first time I had a cover artist come up with concepts based on my loose ideas. In the past, I had to be very concrete with what I had in mind. If my concept missed the mark, I didn’t know it until after the book went to press. Thank God for Selkkie Designs! The designer is a true artist with vision. 


I found her through a cover artist group on Facebook after a recent release didn’t quite do my book justice. I took all of my ideas to the designer, and we communicated through email until the design was right.


I highly recommend Selkkie Designs for your fantasy cover work! "



Ploi Torentiale, Seriale si Alte Efecte Colaterale

" Since I’ve discovered Selkkie, I’ve always turned to her for every kind of design work I needed, book related or not. One of the most enojyable people to work with. Available and hardworker, she has always worked with me, not just for me.


She suggesed her ideas to improve the outcome, but never forced them onto me. Gladly recommend to whoever needs a professional and brilliant work at a reasonable price. "



Arihivele Unor Vanatori de Demoni in Micul Paris

 "It was a very pleasant experience. Selkkie managed to create the perfect cover for my book and was very patient with the small edits required by the publishing house.


I already recommended Selkkie to my author friends and will definitely be coming back in the future for more covers. "

ebook (1).jpg

Moira Kane

Shroud of Exile & Black Heart

I’ve been an indie author for seven years now and I’ve hired a lot of cover designers in that time. Lexie is the most professional and talented designer I’ve worked with to date! 


When you’re designing a book cover you don’t just need pretty art. It has to cater to a specific genre, be eye-catching even from a tiny image on a phone screen, and really represent the story.


That’s a big task and Lexie delivers every single time. She’s prompt and her eye for color and design is unmatched. I highly recommend her services for anyone that wants a best selling book cover! "



The Fallen Knight

" Lexie was very easy to work with. She listened to my ideas and found the best ways to implement them, going above and beyond to make sure I had the cover I envisioned.


She was patient and her communication was excellent. Her prices are so reasonable, especially for the quality of work she does. I highly recommend her services! "

x (1).png


The Swordsmith And The Devil's Dancer

Lexie is a highly talented creator of gorgeous book art as well as being really lovely to work with.

She communicated closely with me on my cover, adapting and fine tuning until it was exactly what I wanted, while adding her own design flair to create something truly magical.


She did everything she promised and so much more, and I would gladly recommend Selkkie Designs to anyone. "



Blessing of The Ancients

" Would definitely recommend Selkkie Designs. I had a base idea, and it was made even better with her input.


The cover had incredible details, and Selkkie was so helpful, patient, and timely in creating my cover. I look forward to working with her again. ​"



The Prince of Snakes

" Selkkie Designs is incredibly easy to work with and her turn around time for revisions is really fast.


She helped bring my ideas to life by creating a stunning cover that defied my expectations. I can't recommend working with her enough! "

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