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Book Cover Designs

Welcome to Selkkie Designs, a place where you can find custom book cover

services, premade covers, digital art, maps and more.
Take a look around and let's bring your ideas to life, 

Your job is to write an amazing story and my  job is to identify your needs and ideas, bring them to life and make your readers buy and enjoy your stories to the fullest.

Whatever you are an author and you are looking for a book cover or you need some personalised arts for your business, Selkkie Designs is the right place to come to. I gladly invite you to take a look around my website or social media, and if you like my work it will be my pleasure to help and guide you thruout the publication process, especially if you are a debutant author.

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The Work Process

The very first step is to identify the ideas, the concepts and any other detail that might help in creating your design.

For example, if you order a book cover I will ask you questions about the plot, what the characters are doing, what they look like, what symbols are important to your story. In this way I can visualise it and bring it to life for you.

The true work process starts here. After you've seen the sketches, I will make adjustements based on your feedback

I like to keep in touch with my clients, so you will ghet previews of the work progress as it goes. You can always input your ideas and ask for modifications in this stage.

After all detalies and ideas are set, the search for resources on depositphotos starts. I'm specialized in photo manipulating, so the search for the right stock photos is very important.

Once the search is over and I have everything I need I will put together one or more sketches for you.

It's time for the final adjstments! Fixing every small detail or error and getting the final files, mockups and promotional materials ready for you.

Once the payment is done, the files will be uploaded into a cloud and you will always have acces to them, at any given time.

What My Clients Say


Working with Lex was always a pleasure. It is amazing how, after just a few hints, she knows exactly how to depict the image that I had in mind. Recently, she designed the cover of my debut novel and the feedback of the readers was overwhelming.

She pays attention to details in a way that never cease to amaze me and I always know that the result of her work will be stunning, thus I’m never stressed when it comes to graphics and I can focus on my writing.

- Bianca Vîlcu, Ultimul Apus de Soare & Pe Partea Intunecata A Lunii

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